The one-time dressing application in wound care

Now available in Canada

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Nanoderm™ is a new bioengineered nanofiber film made of pure cellulose. Its average thickness is 0.05 mm, and its selective permeability allows for the passage of water vapor while inhibiting the passage of water and microorganisms. Nanoderm™ is manufactured in Canada using state-of-the-art technology and it is specifically indicated for the treatment of lesions where there is a loss of skin. Since Nanoderm™ is manufactured using a biologically inert substance, it does not cause rejection, and it adheres naturally to the open wound without the need for any type of adhesive.

Nanoderm™ forms a tight seal around the wound, thus allowing for a quick renewal of the epithelium and minimizing hydroelectrolytic loss. Nanoderm™ eliminates the conditions for bacterial proliferation and significantly abates pain. It is semi-transparent, allowing for an easy check of healing progress without having to remove the wound dressing. Nanoderm™ complies with most of the ideal requirements for a temporary skin substitute.