Bio Material

Biomaterials Division

Replacing petroleum-based products with “Green” polymers

Replacing petroleum-based products with “Green” polymers made from bacterial nanocellulose

The objective of the Biomaterials division is to develop high value BNC-based materials for industrial applications in collaboration with industry partners and governments. There is a significant need for new “Green” polymers to replace petroleum-based products. Axcelon aims to become the world leader in manufacturing bulk BNC for industrial applications.

To further this goal, the Company has a novel patented bacterial strain, and is currently optimizing the strain and developing world class manufacturing processes with the NRC - Biotechnology Research Institute in Montreal. Concurrently, the Company will develop and secure collaborations and co-development projects with industrial partners. At an appropriate time in the future, Axcelon aims to build a manufacturing plant using non-dilutive sources of capital.
It is expected that the bacterial strain will enable Axcelon to accelerate its production of bacterial cellulose due to significantly higher yields as compared to traditional methods of producing bacterial cellulose. As such, Axcelon believes that the bacterial strain will make bacterial cellulose economically feasible for use in greater volumes across a spectrum of new applications.

Multiple applications of BNC & Nanocomposites