Nanoderm™ Ag

Nanoderm™ Ag

What is Nanoderm™Ag?

Axcelon intends to follow the Canadian launch of Nanoderm™ with the launch of its proprietary premium wound care product, Nanoderm™Ag, a patented biopolymer wound care dressing with slow release silver for treatment of infected wounds.

Nanoderm™Ag is also made from a biocellulose film, but the process for making Nanoderm™Ag differs significantly, resulting in a product with enhanced characteristics. As a result of a process that chemically binds silver to bacterial cellulose, Axcelon has been able to combine the attributes of bacterial cellulose and the anti-infective properties of silver.

Thanks to this process, Nanoderm™Ag is expected to be a more stable wound dressing than the antimicrobial dressings that are currently available, which would allow it to remain in place for longer periods with little need for dressing changes. With Nanoderm™Ag, Axcelon also expects to improve upon similar silver-based products. Compared to such products, Axcelon believes that Nanoderm™Ag will demonstrate, among other things, increased flexibility and sustained antimicrobial properties.

The Nanoderm™Ag product is in development and is expected to be available commercially in 2017, subject to the receipt of any required regulatory approvals.

The picture below shows the white silver nanoparticles bound to cellulose fibers