Biomedical Division

Biomedical Division

Developing a robust biomaterials-based medical device pipeline

Using bacterial nanocellulose (BNC) and other biomaterials, Axcelon is developing a robust medical device pipeline targeting large markets including vascular grafts, tympanic membrane replacements, contact lenses, and a vaccine delivery system. Each product targets billion dollar markets.

Contact Lenses

The Company’s proprietary polyHEMA-BNC composite material has properties sought after by contact lens manufacturers and represents a very attractive licensing opportunity.

Vascular Grafts

Joint R&D work carried out at Axcelon and at the University of Western Ontario have led to the conception of one of Axcelon’s most attractive product opportunities, cardiovascular grafts, using the Company’s proprietary PVA-BNC composite material. Axcelon will seek collaborative arrangements with large biomedical companies following successful animal trials

Tympanic Membrane Replacement

Axcelon also has extensive research activity in an exciting technology platform dealing with the stabilization of collagen fibers, with potential opportunities in tissue regeneration and wound healing. The Company is currently collaborating with ENT surgeons for the development of a scaffold to be used as a tympanic membrane for patients with ruptured ear-drums.

Oral Vaccine Delivery

Axcelon’s drug delivery program includes development of a system using nanocrystalline bacterial nanocellulose fibres for direct-to-cell drug delivery. An immediate application is the development of an oral vaccine that will survive the harsh environment inside the stomach. Preservation of vaccine activity will significantly reduce treatment cost, and controlled release of the vaccine can also enhance effectiveness.